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5th International Conference on Personal Satellite Services

June 27–28, 2013 | Toulouse, France




Technical Session 1 - Satellite for Emerg e ncy & Aerocommunication

  • “DTN LEO satellite Communications through Ground Stations and GEO Relay” P. Apollonio, C. Caini, M. Lülf
  • “Airborne Base Stations for Emergency and Temporary Events” A. Valcarce, T. Rasheed, K. Gomez, S. Kandeepan, L. Reynaud, R. Hermenier, A. Munari, M. Mohorcic, M. Smolnikar,I. Bucaille
  • “A Realization of Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Communication Networks for Aeronautical Services via Joint Radio Resource Management” Y. Cheng, Y. F. Hu, K. Xu, P. Pillai
  • ”On the Impact of Link Layer Retransmissions on TCP for Aeronautical Communications” N. Kuhn, N. Van Wambeke, M. Gineste, B. Gadat, E. Lochin, J. Lacan
  • “Satellite and Wireless Links Issues in Healthcare Monitoring” R. Kacimi, P. Pech

Technical Session 2 – Satellite for networking

  • “Content Delivery in Hybrid Networks Using SatTorrent” B. Klasen
  • “Efficient Synchronization of Multiple Databases over Broadcast Networks” M. Muhammad, S. Erl, M. Berioli
  • “Study on Research Challenges and Optimization for Internetworking of Hybrid MANET and Satellite Networks” Y. Miao, F. Yao, Z. Sun, N. Wang, H. S. Cruickshank
  • “Security Architecture for Satellite Services over Cryptographically Heterogeneous Networks” Y. Sheng, H. Cruickshank, M. Moseley, J. Ashworth

Technical Session 3 – Resource Management

  • “Generalized Encoding CRDSA: Maximizing Throughput in Enhanced Random Access Schemes for Satellite” Bacco M., Cassar a P., Gotta A.
  • “Performance Evaluation of SPDY over High Latency Satellite Channels” L. Caviglione, A. Gotta, N. Tonellotto
  • “Fuzzy based CRRM for load balancing in heterogeneous wireless networks” M. Ali, P. Pillai, Y.F.Hu
  • “Flexible QoS Support in DVB-RCS2” Z. Hossain, A. Sathiaseelan, R. Secchi, G. Fairhurst

Technical Session 4 – Air Interface

  • “Impact of the railway centerline geometry uncertainties on the train velocity estimation by GPS” G. Zhu, L. Fillatre, I. Nikiforov
  • “A Satellite radio interface compatible with terrestrial 3GPP LTE System” H.W. Kim, T. Hong, K. Kang, B.-J. Ku
  • “Physical Channel Access (PCA): Time and Frequency Access Methods Simulation in NS-2” N. Kuhn, O. Mehani, H.-C. Bui, J. Lacan, J. Radzik, E. Lochin
  • “Spatial Filtering for Underlay Cognitive SatComs” S. K. Sharma, S. Chatzinotas, B. Ottersten
  • “Network coding advantage over MDS codes for multimedia transmission over DVB-S2/RCS” P. Saxena, M. A. Vazquez-Castro

Demo Session

  • ”OpenSand” – F. Arnal (TAS), E. Dubois (CNES)
  • ”ICN over integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Networks” – Y. Thomas (AUEB)
  • ”Tetrys” – E. Lochin (ISAE/TESA)

Panel Session

Barry Evans (Univ. Surrey), Graham Peters (Avanti Communications), Hugo Gonzalez Perez (CNES), Vincent Deslandes (EADS), Nicolas Chuberre (TAS)