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8th EAI International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems (formerly PSATS)

September 19–20, 2016 | Cardiff, Great Britain

Professor Rahim Tafazolli

Keynote Title: ‘5G: Within Reach’


Rahim Tafazolli has been the Professor of Mobile and Satellite Communications at the University of Surrey since April 2000, Director of Institute of Communication Systems (ICS, formerly known as CCSR) since January 2010 and the Director of the 5G Innovation Centre since 2012. He has over 25 years of experience in digital communications research and teaching.

He has authored and co-authored more than 500 research publications and is regularly invited to deliver keynote talks and distinguished lectures to international conferences and workshops. He has also edited two books: “Technologies for the Wireless Future”, Vol.1 (2004) and Vol.2 (2006) both published by Wiley’s. And he is co-inventor on more than 30 granted patents, all in the field of digital communications. Professor Tafazolli was the leader of study on “grand challenges in IoT” (Internet of Things) in the UK, 2011-2012, for RCUK (Research Council UK) and the UK TSB (Technology Strategy Board). He is regularly invited by governments to advise on 5G technologies and was advisor to the Mayor of London with regard to the London Infrastructure Investment 2050 Plan during May and June 2014.He was also the lead speaker at the Connectivity session of the UK Government’s D5 Summit (UK, New Zealand, South Korea, Estonia & Israel) London, 9-10 Dec 2014.

He is a member of:

  • The UK Smart Cities Forum (since November 2013)
  • The IET Communications Policy Panel
  • The UK BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills) Advisory Working Group to the National Measurement Office for NPL Programmes (since March 2012)
  • The Innovate UK ICT Industry Advisory Board (since September 2014).

Professor Tafazolli has given many interviews to international media (tv, radio and press articles). In 2011, he was appointed as Fellow of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) in recognition of his personal contributions to the wireless world as well as heading one of Europe’s leading research groups. Professor Tafazolli was awarded the 28th KIA Laureate Award- 2015 for his contribution to communications technology.




The talk will cover possible candidate technologies that are being currently developed and trialled in addressing the three challenging use cases defined by 3GPP.  These use cases are; Ultra Broadband Mobile, Massive Connectivity and ultra low latency and reliability. The solutions range; new radio technologies, Radio Access Architectures and Core Network technologies. It will also identifies  where more research and innovation efforts is required to enable 5G deployment by 2020.